On Friday, March 30th the BU community will join together to speak out against sexual assault and empower people who have felt endangered when going out at night. Join the conversation. Rally. March. Speak Out.


T-Shirts and Posters

For all of those attending Take Back The Night on March 30th at 7:00PM, we would love to see you there with supportive posters and T-shirts that display messages and slogans promoting the ideas central to TBTN.

Here are a bunch of examples of things YOU can write on posters and t-shirts to wear and hold at the march:

                   Shatter the Silence

"Shatter the Silence; End the Violence"

                   Consent and Make Love

"Consent is sexy" and "Make Love, Not Rape"

                   Sex Positive Feminist

"Sex Positive Feminist"

                   This is What (spray painted)

"This is what a Feminist looks like"

                   Little Black Dress

"My little black dress does not mean yes"

                   Consent is Sexy

"Consent is Sexy"

                   World Without Rape

"Create a world without rape"

                   Feel me up

"Feel me up, I’ll fuck you up"

                   Smash and Real Men

"Smash Silence" and "Real men don’t rape"

                   Love Women

"Love Women"

                   Consent and Dissent

"Take Back the Night; Consent in the Sheets, dissent in the streets!"

                   Not Just a Women's Issue

"Not Just a Women’s Issue"

                   Three great ones

"Riots not Diets" and "Punish Rapists, not Victims!" and "Silence"

                   Respect Me

"Respect Me"

                   Yes Means Yes

"Yes Means Yes; Sex Positive Feminist; Speak out about consent"

                   Rise above violence

"Rise above Violence"

                   Three again

"Stop the Violence Against Women" and "Not Just a Women’s Issue" and "Less Bros, More Brothers."

                   Respect the Cunt

"Respect the Cunt"

                   Ask Before You Touch

"Ask Before You Touch Me"


"[Your sororities name here] Takes Back the Night"

                   Smash Patriarch

"Smash Patriarchy"

Don’t forget to show up with signs like these on Friday night, or put the slogans on a t-shirt! Whatever you do, come prepared to show BU and the rest of Boston that we are Taking Back the Night!