On Friday, March 30th the BU community will join together to speak out against sexual assault and empower people who have felt endangered when going out at night. Join the conversation. Rally. March. Speak Out.


Take Back the Night Logo

From its reported beginnings in 1975, Take Back the Night has been an event where people rally together to raise awareness of sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. This event is centered on the idea of empowering people to speak out and “Shatter the Silence” about these topics.

In light of recent events that have occurred on Boston’s University’s campus, the members of our community are coming together to promote a safe environment for everyone on and off campus. The rally is part of a sex-positive, anti-violence and sexual assault awareness campaign intended to empower those who have felt endangered going out at night.

To learn more about the specific history of Take Back the Night, visit this page!